About The Tools Used To Pick A Deadbolt Lock When Locked Out Of Your House


Learning to pick a deadbolt lock is a great skill to learn because it will help you let yourself back in the house if you lose your keys. All you will need to get the task done in a speedy amount of time is the right tools. In this article, you will find out what kind of tools to use to pick a deadbolt lock and how to get one open.

What Kind of Tools Can Be Used to Pick a Deadbolt Lock?

There are two tools needed for picking a deadbolt lock, and one of them is a tension wrench. The tension wrench is a simple tool that is basically a super slim flat head screwdriver. It is a tool that is slim enough to easily fit inside of the keyhole.

Another tool needed for the task is a pick. The pick used for picking a deadbolt lock is long with a curve at the end of it that is vital for getting the lock open. A pick is slim just like the tension wrench because they have to both fit inside of the keyhole together.

How Can a Tension Wrench & Pick Be Used to Open a Deadbolt Lock?

The first step to picking a deadbolt lock is getting the keyhole to turn as if a key is being used, which can be done with the tension wrench. Simply place the wrench in the keyhole and turn it like it is a key. After completely turning the keyhole, leave the wrench in position.

The next step is to manipulate the pins inside of the deadbolt as a key would. With the tension wrench still in position, insert the pick with the curved end of it going inside of the keyhole. It is important for the curved end to go inside of the keyhole because it is needed for lifting up the pins inside of the lock.

The final step to picking the lock is using the pick to lift up the pins, which will need to be done one at a time. Key your ears focused on the lock because you should hear a faint clicking sound after each pin is successfully lifted. When all of the pins are up, you should be able to open the door.

The task will not take long if you have the right skills and can lift them fast enough. Don't forget that a locksmith (such as Key West Locksmiths Ltd) can help you out if you have a hard time!


3 November 2014

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