Want To Have A Smart Home? 4 Benefits Of Keyless Locks


The new trend in technology is home automation. Many devices are now a smart device, such as your thermostat, light bulbs, and even your locks. The latest innovations in smart home technology have turned what were once very standard features of a home into modern day luxuries. If you have not considered adding keyless locks to your home, consider the following benefits.

Unlock Your Doors With A Fingerprint

Ever fumble through your keychain trying to find the key to your home? Chances are that the times that this happens is when it's dark outside or the rain is pouring down. A keyless lock has the ability to be connected to a smart phone, where you can unlock your door using the fingerprint scanner on your phone. You can now unlock your house before you even get to your door, making entry a breeze in the dark or with a handful of grocery bags.

Give Access Remotely To Those That Need It

Ever have a friend or relative show up at your home unexpectedly and need to rush home to let them in? With a keyless lock, you can let people in remotely. If your lock is connected to your smart phone, you can simply activate the lock within the app once you know they are outside your home. It's a feature you may not use often, but it will be a life saver when you do need to use it.

Give People Temporary Access To Your Home

Do you have a dog walker that takes your dog for a walk while you are at work, or a maid that does cleaning while you are away? These people need access to your home, but if you were to give them an actual key, you don't know if they are making unauthorized copies of it. Keyless locks let you authorize users with key cards that have NFC (near field communication) technology or a smart phone, and you can revoke access when you no longer want them to have it. A keyless lock is the only way to ensure that only the people you want to have access to your home actually have it.

Receive Notifications When People Enter Your Home

Do you want peace of mind that your kids are home safe from school? Keyless locks have the ability to be connected to the internet, so you can receive a notification every time someone enters or exits your home. While it can be used for knowing someone made it home, it can also be used to know that your dog walker actually came to do their job too.

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6 April 2016

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After our home was vandalized when we were away on vacation, I realized that we really needed to spend a little money to update our door locks and hardware. We looked at our broken locks, figured out where we went wrong, and immediately started working with a locksmith to correct the issue. It was amazing to see what a great difference we were able to make. The locksmith came out, replaced our old, damaged locks with an electronic version, and taught us how to use the system. This blog is all about your different door lock options, so that you understand how to keep your home safe.