Four Tips For Not Locking Your Keys In Your Own Car


It's an incident that we've all dealt with: while in a hurry, you leave your keys in your vehicle and accidentally lock the car. Keep your key problems to a minimum by following these simple tips to avoid being locked out of your car.

1. Avoid Leaving Your Keys in the Ignition

If you need to run back inside your house or know an errand will only take a couple minutes, you may be tempted to leave your keys in your car's ignition. However, many cars come outfitted with a mechanism that automatically locks your vehicle once you shut your doors when the engine is running. Even if your car doesn't have this mechanism, it is all too easy to hit your car's lock switch when you are exiting the vehicle.

Another benefit of always removing your keys from the ignition is that you minimize the chance of a car thief targeting your vehicle.

2. Keep Pets Contained

Sometimes, it's our furry friends who leave us in a bind. Dogs in particular are notorious for jumping excitedly around the interior of vehicle. It only takes a slip of the paw for Fido to lock himself inside your vehicle, leaving you scrambling for a locksmith, like Migoley Stephen K.

One option is to use an enclosed kennel to transport your pet. Another possibility is to use a  petseat belt to keep your pooch away from the doors.

3. Get in the Habit of Locking Your Doors with Your Key Fob

If you do accidentally leave your keys in your car's ignition, all hope is not lost. Get into the habit of locking your car doors with the key fob, rather than hitting the vehicle's switch when you exit the vehicle. Most people keep their key fobs with their car keys, so this also decreases the likelihood that you leave your keys in the ignition in the first place. 

Even if you keep your key fob separate from your keys, there are benefits to exclusively using it. In instances where you lock the doors with your car's interior switch, there is no chance of obtaining re-entry to your car if you forget your keys. However, if you use your key fob, you can access your keys with the push of a button.

4. Make it Hard to Forget Your Keys

One simple trick is to fit your keys with a bright or distinct key chain. When you exit your car, you'll notice that your loud key chain is still in the vehicle. This will help remind you to grab your keys before you walk away from your vehicle.


24 May 2017

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