Three Things To Do ASAP When You Move Into A New Home


When moving into a new home, it is tempting to jump right into the fun chores associated with purchasing a new property, like decorating the living room, painting the walls, or purchasing comfortable furniture for your new patio. However, it is essential to take care of the following important items as quickly as possible after your move.

1. Hire a Locksmith to Update Your Locks

For safety reasons, you should hire a locksmith like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc to rekey or replace all of your home's locks. The past owner may have provided friends, old roommates, and family members with a key to the property. You don't know how many keys may be floating around that you don't even know about. 

Decide whether you want the locksmith to rekey or replace your locks. If you like the aesthetics of your new home's locks, you can have the locksmith rekey them. The locksmith uses a kit to change what type of key fits the lock.

However, if you don't like the appearance of your home's locks or are unsatisfied with their security, it makes sense to have the locksmith replace them.

2. Find New Medical Professionals

Once you have signed up for health insurance with your new employer, it is time to find new medical professionals. Start by using your insurance company's website to see what doctors are covered under your plan. After compiling a list of potential doctors, do your research to find one that you think is a good match for your healthcare preferences.

Don't forget your other medical needs! You should also look for a new eye doctor, dentist, urgent care center, and hospital. If you have pets, you should also start the process of finding a new veterinarian. You may prefer to ask for recommendations from neighbors and coworkers in your new town.

3. Open Up a New Bank Account

If your old bank does not have branches close to your new home, you may need to open a new bank account, especially if you like to visit a physical bank branch to make deposits and withdrawals. 

When searching for a new bank, think about what details are important to you. Do you need a bank with weekend hours, or do you prefer a bank that offers a user-friendly mobile app? Do you need an account that includes free official checks and money orders? Shop around to find an account that works for you. Some banks even offer new customers a cash bonus or gift card for opening a new account.

After setting up your new account, make sure to change any automatic payments or direct deposits so that they reflect your new account information.


3 June 2017

Choosing Better Door Hardware

After our home was vandalized when we were away on vacation, I realized that we really needed to spend a little money to update our door locks and hardware. We looked at our broken locks, figured out where we went wrong, and immediately started working with a locksmith to correct the issue. It was amazing to see what a great difference we were able to make. The locksmith came out, replaced our old, damaged locks with an electronic version, and taught us how to use the system. This blog is all about your different door lock options, so that you understand how to keep your home safe.