Moving Your Business To Another Location? Two Reasons To Contact A Commercial Locksmith Service


As your business begins to grow and you start attracting more customers it's natural to uproot and move to a different location. You might need more space to house additional products or just want to go to another part of town that seems to have more of an audience for what you have to offer. When you finally find a place that appears to be everything you could ask for, you feel ready to sign the lease or take out the mortgage and move in. However, before you get established in a new brick-and-mortar facility you might want to give a commercial locksmith service a call.

Updated Locks Protect Your Goods

While it's always important to work out of a facility that is as secure as possible, recognize that not all locks are created equal. The tenant who was in the building before you might not have been storing valuable products that needed to be heavily guarded. Moving into a unit with older, outdated locks might not work as well for you as it did for them.

For example, if you sell jewelry to the public and the individual who used to inhabit the space was a florist, this creates a totally different set of security needs. Whereas the florist might have been perfectly content with just a standard lock, you might need smart locks, a keypad, or double cylinder locks that can be opened from both the inside and the outside of the building. A commercial locksmith can outfit your doors with modern locks to increase the level of safety for you, your staff, and the inventory.

Who Knows Who Has A Key?

It's pretty common for business owners to give keys to other members of the team. General managers or shift supervisors who are responsible for opening the business or closing it at night need keys so they can enter and exit without having to contact the owner.

You never know who could possibly have a key to the building you're moving into. What if you transport all of your expensive wares to the next location and return the following day to find you've been cleaned out? Have the locks changed so if someone still has a lingering key they won't be able to get into your facility.

Commercial locksmiths help maintain the security of your premises. Call a locksmith service, such as 1-800 Lock Out, for more information. 


16 October 2020

Choosing Better Door Hardware

After our home was vandalized when we were away on vacation, I realized that we really needed to spend a little money to update our door locks and hardware. We looked at our broken locks, figured out where we went wrong, and immediately started working with a locksmith to correct the issue. It was amazing to see what a great difference we were able to make. The locksmith came out, replaced our old, damaged locks with an electronic version, and taught us how to use the system. This blog is all about your different door lock options, so that you understand how to keep your home safe.