Does Hiding Spare Keys Help?


Yes, hiding spare keys under a rock, doormat, flowerpot, or on top of your doorway can help you out a jam. If you lock your keys in your house, or lose them, these hiding spots will save the day. 

Is it a Good Idea to Hide Keys?

No one wants or anticipates that they'll be locked out when they come home. It happens, and having an extra key stashed away under a rock can come in handy. It makes sense that you'd choose to hide a spare key just in case you'll lose yours. 

However, hidden keys are only as good as your hiding place and memory. If you hide your keys under a rock you can't remember, you'll have to think of another way in. The best option here is to contact residential locksmith services to help you out. 

Also, remember burglars know most of the common key hiding places. If you hide your keys under a rock, it's the first place any burglar will check. If you're to outsmart a thief, think of other not-so-obvious places to hide your keys. For example, you can hand your keys to a trusted friend or neighbor. In case of anything, you can call your neighbor and have the keys delivered within minutes. 

Downsides of Hiding Keys 

You can hide your keys in the most inconspicuous places, and a burglar will still find them. Your nosey neighbor might find them and decide to take a peek into your home. The same can be said about handing your keys to a trusted friend or neighbor. 

Is There a Better Solution? 

Although there is no way to guarantee that you'll never lock yourself out of your home or lose your keys, residential locksmith services can come in handy. You can embrace keyless security or live without locking your doors to avoid the hassle of losing keys. 

However, since you live in a world where keys are the norm, consider hiring residential locksmith services when the need arises. You'll never have to worry about locked doors as you can contact the locksmiths anytime you lose your keys. Residential locksmith companies understand that the need for their services is often an emergency. They are trained to respond quickly and should be at your home as soon as they can. 

Keep the number of a local residential locksmith company on speed dial just in case you need their services. Also, consult the locksmiths about smart locks and other technologies that can help you avoid lockout troubles. 

For more information contact a locksmith in your area.


23 September 2021

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