What Can Keyless Entry System Locksmith Services Offer To Protect Your Business?


Are you tired of people in your workplace losing their keys? Keyless entry systems are more convenient and manageable than traditional key-based security systems. Here are high-security systems that keyless entry system locksmith services can install for you: 

Keyless Entry System #1: Remote Control Door Locks 

Remote control door locks are a convenient keyless entry system that allows you to open your door without having to fumble for your keys. This system uses remote control that emits a signal to the door lock, which will then unlock or lock the door. A keyless entry remote system locksmith can set up the lock to open using an app on your phone.

-Keyless Entry System #2: Smart Card or FOB Access Systems  

This system uses a card or FOB (key fob) that emits a signal to the door lock, which will then unlock or lock the door. A smart card or FOB access systems are great for businesses and other commercial properties, as they provide a higher level of security than traditional key-based security systems. 

They are also great for premises with high traffic in and out of the building, as they allow you to grant access without internet connectivity.

-Keyless Entry System #3: Biometric Scanning Systems 

A biometric scanning system is a keyless entry system that uses your unique physical characteristics to unlock the door. This system uses a scanner that scans your fingerprint, retina, or other physical characteristics to unlock the door.

Biometric scanning systems are a great option for businesses with a high-risk profile, for example, jewelry shops. This type of lock is impossible to attack with traditional methods since every user has unique biometrics. Keyless entry system locksmith services can program as many users as you want into the lock.

-Keyless Entry System #4: PIN Code Access Systems  

PIN code access systems are keyless entry systems that use a personal identification number (PIN) to unlock the door. This system is similar to traditional key-based security systems, but instead of using a physical key, you use a PIN code to unlock the door.

PIN code access systems don't necessarily rely on internet connectivity, which makes them ideal for businesses in remote areas. 

If you're looking for a keyless entry system that locksmith services can install, then check out the options listed above. Each of these systems provides a high level of security and convenience, so you can rest easy knowing your home or business is safe and sound. Have questions about any of these systems? Contact keyless entry system locksmith services to learn more about these systems. 


13 June 2022

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