Rekeying A Lock: Get Answers To The Questions You Have


If you have a lock that you have lost the key to, or you have a lock that people have a key to whom you don't want to access your home any longer, you may be looking into replacing the lock. But if the lock is still in good condition, rekeying the lock may be an alternative option. If this is the first time you are hearing about rekeying a lock, here are a few of the questions you may have as well as the answers.

29 December 2017

Do Your Home Locks Need The Service Of A Locksmith?


Too many people find that they are making the mistake of not thinking about the condition of their home locks until something major goes wrong. Instead of waiting for that to happen, you will want to take a few moments to look through the following points. The more you know about when it is time to call a locksmith to your home, the easier it will be for you to avoid any major issues.

23 November 2017

Angry Family Member Move Out Of Your Home? 2 Changes To Make To Keep You Safe


If you had a family member that lived with you and they got angry and moved out, you never know what they are going to do. Even if they are family they could still try to cause damage or maybe even steal from you. Fortunately, there are many changes you can make to keep everything and everyone safe, two of which are listed below. Rekey Your Home The first thing you should do is hire a locksmith that offers rekeying services.

31 October 2017

Does It Matter Which Locksmith I Choose?


Locksmith services have increasingly expanded their functions in your everyday life. Whether you are locked out of your car or want to rekey your main door after a terrifying break-in, you need a locksmith from a place like Mattice Lock & Safe to satisfy your requirements. Does it matter which locksmith you choose? Of course! Seek for a locksmith who has the following characteristics: Wide Variety of Services Choose a locksmith company that has a wide variety of services.

3 October 2017

Doggone Dog Locked Your Car Doors! Here's Your Plan Of Action


Years ago, when you wanted to lock your car doors, it meant manually pushing down the protruding door locks on the door. However, the modern car design has made locking your car door as convenient as tapping a button. While this is convenient for you, it can also mean that leaving your dog unattended in your vehicle when the keys are inside can be a really bad idea. One slip of the paw and your car doors could be locked, pup inside, and you on the outside trying to figure out what in the world you will do now.

21 July 2017

Finding Vulnerabilities In Your Home Security


No home is perfect, and sometimes, you need to take a strong look at the weaknesses in your home security in order to make it better. Here are some strategies for understanding where your home is most vulnerable. Consult a Locksmith The most straightforward way to get help is to consult a locksmith service. You can do this in a few ways. You could learn the types of locks you have in your home and approach a locksmith to see whether they are sufficient.

28 June 2017

Three Things To Do ASAP When You Move Into A New Home


When moving into a new home, it is tempting to jump right into the fun chores associated with purchasing a new property, like decorating the living room, painting the walls, or purchasing comfortable furniture for your new patio. However, it is essential to take care of the following important items as quickly as possible after your move. 1. Hire a Locksmith to Update Your Locks For safety reasons, you should hire a locksmith like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc to rekey or replace all of your home's locks.

3 June 2017

Four Tips For Not Locking Your Keys In Your Own Car


It's an incident that we've all dealt with: while in a hurry, you leave your keys in your vehicle and accidentally lock the car. Keep your key problems to a minimum by following these simple tips to avoid being locked out of your car. 1. Avoid Leaving Your Keys in the Ignition If you need to run back inside your house or know an errand will only take a couple minutes, you may be tempted to leave your keys in your car's ignition.

24 May 2017

Preparing For Your First Commercial Tenants


Any new commercial building will need a bit of work before becoming a great place for tenants. When you are choosing how to spend your dollars, here are some important steps to take to make your building ready for rental. Choose the Correct Fitout Commercial space isn't all equal. Different fitouts are needed for buildings that will be used for office space, or barbershops, or retail stores. Choose what types of tenants you'd like to have in each space and get the space ready with everything they'll need to get started.

9 May 2017